MS Cooled - Indoor Snowmaker
Ms6 snow making system is applicable to indoor ski resorts. It adopts a cooling snow making system. The control function of the snow maker is integrated on the centralized PLC control panel in the machine room. The start and stop of a single snow maker only needs to be controlled on the PLC in the machine room control room. The snow making density is 150-300kg / m3 adjustable, the snow making volume is 10-30m3 / day adjustable, the snow making ambient temperature is - 2 ℃, and the installation height is greater than 4m, The auxiliary cooling system can be equipped with an integrated machine, which integrates the snow making water, snow making cold source, compressed air, etc. required by the snow making system to support the CO2 systemTechnical advantages: CO2 refrigeration and snow making technology is adopted, which saves more than 20% of energy consumption and 5% of cost compared with the traditional one
The simulated pure natural snowfall technology, like natural snowfall, uses pure water and clean air to make snow. The snow quality is comparable to natural snowfall and brings you a natural ice and snow experience.
  • In door snowing
  • In door snowing
Technical parameter
Dimension data: length 1800mm × Width 1800mm × Height 1500mm
Weight: 400kg
Snow making: the amount of snow making is 10-30 M ³ 
Snow density 150-300kg / M ³Snow path: 50 μ M snow making temperature - 2 ℃
Installation height: more than 4m, power 4kwSnow making water: pressure 6-15bar, temperature 2-5 ℃
Compressed air: pressure 6-10bar, temperature < 10 ℃
Cold source: enter - 27 ℃ and return - 18 ℃, with maximum pressure of 35kg
Heat source: enter 30 ℃ and return 21 ℃. The maximum pressure is 35kg