365 days of winter wonderland

Experience the charm of ice and snow 

Professional skating rink, mobile skating rink, ski resort, ski resort, snow park design integrated one-stop service provider

The crystal clear soft pink snow and the charming scene of ice and snow can not only delight our hearts, but also strengthen our physique and temper our will through ice and snow sports.

Yangsheng Ice and Snow provides you with a full range of ice and snow stadium construction solutions, different application scenarios corresponding to different design concepts, a variety of models of ice and snow equipment

Ensure individual solutions in every field of application.

Business modules
  • Indoor and outdoor ice rinks --- mobile ice rinks
    System integration / equipment leasing / operation management
  • Indoor snow world
    Planning and design / snowmaking equipment supply / operation management
  • Snowroom --- snow experience and fitness
    Snowroom cooling/one-stop solution provided
  • Winter Lab
    Wind tunnel testing and material testing/provision of snowmaking systems
Satisfied cases
MODERN BRILLIANCE ICE SNOW is committed to serving the development of the global ice and snow industry. Based on years of experience in the ice and snow industry, to provide customers with indoor ski resorts, ice and snow parks, ice sculpture parks, ice spas, skating rinks and other venue construction to provide one-stop solutions, snowmaking equipment research and development supply, project planning and design, refrigeration snowmaking system design, enclosure system design, engineering installation, operation management, technical services, etc., first-class snowmaking technology and patents, higher quality snow quality assurance, is committed to providing excellent skiing experience for ice and snow lovers around the world.