The snow house system consists of three parts: the main body of the snow house, the central cooling and snow making system, and the automatic control system
Only a small space is needed to satisfy your desire to play in the world of ice and snow, just like the natural snow, let you feel the surprise of real snow, automatic snow making system, simulate pure natural snow technology, use pure tap water to make snow .
Area: 4-100㎡ customized
Applicable types: ice and snow experience, ice and snow fitness, ice and snow laboratory, fashion store, etc.
Interior: cave, snow mountain, snow forest, etc., designed according to the usage scene
Temperature: -5℃
Application scenarios
  • Ice and Snow Fitness--SPA
  • Snow and ice experience
  • Leisure and entertainment
Ice and Snow Fitness and Wellness: A New Way of Physical Therapy
Using the igloo to cool down and the hot sauna to alternate between hot and cold can promote metabolism, strengthen the immune system, promote blood circulation, and promote sleep. Deep breathing can refresh the lungs. The fresh snow environment is pleasing to the eye. The hot and cold pool environment is more comfortable and comfortable.
Ice and Snow Experience and Recreation
In order to lower the threshold for the experience of snow and ice in the four seasons, the mini snow house is specially launched. The minimum area is only 4 square meters. The integrated design is assembled on site, and the average minimum operating power is 5kw/h. It can be used for display in shopping malls, parks and other places. Experience true powder snow