Indoor skiing

Snow and ice sports Snow is a healthy sport, and the industry likens "white opium" to an addictive sport
Among them, the snow quality of indoor ski resorts is very important. The MS6 snowmaking system is specially developed for indoor snowmaking. It uses pure tap water and air to make snow, and the snow quality is comparable to natural snow.
Scale: 2000-50000㎡
Applicable types: ice and snow experience, skiing, ski training & leisure, etc.
Temperature: -2℃
Services: Provide snow making system, planning and design, operation consulting
Snow making system: MS6 cooling snow making system, supporting CO2 system
Technical advantage: adopt C02 refrigeration snow making technology
Energy consumption is more than 20% energy saving than traditional energy saving, cost saving 5%
MS6-Indoor Snowmaking System Schematic Diagram